AR iPhone Xs Max Case

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Key features:

  • 2018 AR Footprint Phone Case: Compatible with iPhone Xs Max 6.5 inch. With Augmented Reality technology, it shows you the valuable audio of Project Apollo 11,can create an exploratory content interaction experience for science enthusiasts just via phone.
  • This clear protective is precise cutouts for speakers, camera and other ports, comfortable grip, slim and lightweight. Reinforced buttons to promise quick responsiveness, easily access to all the controls, features and charging without removing this 3D Ph
  • Special Advantages: It is not simply a protective phone case, but also a show off of the new Augmented Reality technology for and an exclusive technical innovation in the market. Each of the phone case comes with an unique QR code. And one code can only b
  • Laser Printing Back: For more vividly reflecting the event of \"one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.\", we choose to use the laser printing technology. You can feel the footprint and the three astronauts\' spirit while gently
  • How to Use: 1.Download the AstroReality App. 2.Tap\"Add a new product\" on the top of the page. 3.Scan the QR code found on the first page of the user manual. 4.Tap the product section you just added. 5.Place the back of phone case facing you.


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