Return Policy

If you would like to return or exchange goods due to quality problems, etc., you can refer to Amazon's return policy, the reference is as follows:

Category Return/
replacement due to factory defect
Books, audio and video, music;
Digital audio and video accessories, camera accessories;
Mobile phone accessories, computer accessories;
Small household appliances, automotive supplies;
Health care (medical equipment supplies), pet products;
Toy mother and baby, office supplies;
Shoes, clothing and bags;
Home and home decoration, kitchen utensils;
Sports, outdoor and leisure;
Musical instruments, watches, jewellery;
Kitchen appliances, home appliances and flat-screen TVs
Within 7 days Within 30 days
Kindle series e-reader, Fire tablet Within 7 days Within 30 days
Kindle Within 7 days Unavailable
Photographic camera products (non-accessories), digital audio and video products (non-accessories) Within 7 days Within 15 days
Software, Games Within 7 days Within 30 days
Mobile phones and communications (non-accessories); Computer (non-accessory) Within 7 days Within 30 days

[Tips] The time limit for returning goods is calculated from the next day when the goods are delivered, if the actual delivery time and system display If the time does not match, you will not be able to handle it within the time limit of return and exchange. Please contact customer service center for processing.

[Z Affordable Goods] Within 7 days from the delivery of the goods, if the goods are kept in the original state of Amazon and the accessories are complete, you can apply for it.

Due to the special nature of Z affordable products, the replacement service is not supported.

Note: Depending on the type of product, if there is a quality problem with the product, please follow the contact information on the manual and the manufacturer or
Contact the after-sales department of the supplier. If you need to apply for return, some types of goods need to be tested according to the national three guarantees.
After the test report is successfully processed, it is confirmed that the product is a performance failure, and Amazon will return the product.

If the above content does not help you, I suggest you find the corresponding content in Amazon.